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Our school held teachers’ retirement ceremony of 2018 and commending conference for 30-year-teaching teachers

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Selfless dedication of teachers, everywhere are their students. Our school held teachers’ retirement ceremony of 2018 and commending conference for 30-year-teaching teachers on the afternoon of December 12. It was a special ceremony that saluted teachers’ contributions and demonstrated the glamour of respecting teachers and valuing education. Qi Wanxue, Secretary of the Party Committee of school, and Zhang Honghai, principal of the university, attended the ceremony. The ceremony also involved retired teachers, teachers who have been teaching for 30 years, on-the-job teachers and young students. Vice President Wang Jisuo hosted the ceremony.

Qi Wanxue made a speech at the ceremony. On behalf of the Party Committee, the administration and over 40,000 teachers and students, he expressed his profound thanks and sincere wishes to 36 retired teachers and 57 teachers who have been working for more than 30 years. Qi Wanxue pointed out that throughout the decades of school development, generations of faculty and staff worked hard and made selfless dedications to the construction of Qufu Normal University which located in the hometown of Confucius. They started the educational business from the ground up, bit the bullet and move on. All the trials and tribulations they have experienced shaped who we are as well as demonstrated sacred cause of education and uplifted morality of teachers. We must inherit and develop their valuable spirit of selflessness and responsibility, lofty goals and open mind, which is a precious wealth to be passed on in our university.

Qi emphasized that the system and ceremony of honored retirement for teachers boasted best original intentions and profound significance. It is one of the important ceremonies held by school throughout teachers’ career with the aim of creating atmosphere on gratitude, propagating traditional culture on respecting teachers and valuing education, inheriting the spirit of expanding the teachings. In doing so, it would endow the industrious faculty and staff a sense of belonging and honor.  

Qi Wanxue introduced teachers the development of university in recent decade as well as delivered his sincere expectations for retired teachers to continue to care about and support the reform and development of the school. Meanwhile, he encouraged young teachers and young students to learn from old-timer so as to inherited and carried forward their precious experience and excellent working style.

(5)Professor Zhang Ruiying gave a speech on behalf of the teachers who had been teaching for 30 years. She shared fond memories of working in Quyuan with attendees, expressed her gratitude for the concerns of leaders, and extended her heartfelt blessings which wished the school a better tomorrow. The representative of young teachers Zhang Yingjie expressed his sincere respect to all seniors and said that he would continue to follow the steps of the old teachers and made his due contribution to imparting knowledge and educating students .

On behalf of the teachers and students of the whole university, the students of the College Students' Art Troupe sang a soulful song of The Worthy Son,expressing their gratitude and blessing to retired teachers and to 30-year-teaching teachers.

At the end of the ceremony, Qi Wanxue and Zhang Honghai walked up to retired teachers and teachers who have been working over 30 years and awarded them honor certificate. They two shook hands and shared joy with these teachers.



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