Qufu Normal University and University of Northern Iowa hold an exchange forum

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On the morning of November 2, Qufu Normal University and  University of Northern Iowa held a video conference to communicate on the progress of the two universities in holding non independent legal person Chinese foreign cooperative school running institutions. Mark A. Nook, President of University of Northern Iowa, Jos é Herrera, Executive Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs, and Zhang Honghai, President of Qufu Normal University attended the meeting.

Zhang Honghai introduced the progress of the declaration work to the participants and put forward suggestions for the next work plan. Zhang Honghai pointed out that the staff of the two universities worked closely and cooperatively to complete the application materials with high quality. He hoped that the two universities would continue their sincere cooperation and successfully pass the expert review.

Mark A. Nook fully affirmed the early work achievements of the two universities, and looked forward to the next step of cooperation. He hoped that the two universities could expand cooperation fields, expand cooperation projects, and enrich cooperation models, and said that he would continue to do a good job in communication and coordination between the relevant departments of University of Northern Iowa, and better promote the intercollegiate exchanges and cooperation between the two universities.

The participants also fully discussed the cooperation matters in the next step, and held consultations on teacher exchange, student exchange, credit mutual recognition, joint training and other matters.

John Fritch, Head of Humanities, Arts and Sciences Department of Northern Iowa University, Kristi Marchesani, Head of International Enrollment and Admission Department, Shen Tongwu, Head of International Exchange and Cooperation Department of Qufu Normal University and relevant personnel attended the meeting.

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