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QFNU Holds the 2018 Opening Ceremony

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We have long been holding the belief “carrying forward traditional Chinese culture” in our mind and we are all together, united for the cause of education.On September 21th, the opening ceremony of Qufu Normal University in 2018 was grandly held. About 9882 new students, coming from 26 provinces(municipality or autonomous region), took the mission “to develop and expand the Chinese culture for the country” in their heart, igniting the spirit torch of Quyuan and taking a new step of dreaming youth.

The opening ceremony of Qufu Normal University started with the national anthem of China. Attendees involved in this ceremony were school leaders, experts and scholars, chief leading comrades of all departments of the university, as well as representatives of teachers and students. It was hosted by Vice President Hu Qingxue.

Party Secretary Qi Wanxue insisted that all the teachers should adhere to beliefs: imparting knowledge, resolving doubts, concentrating on teaching and educating people. In doing so, they were qualified teachers with four disciplines---ideal and faith, moral sentiments, solid foundation knowledge,and heart of benevolence. And every students in our school should be insatiable in learning and improved in political integrity in order to become the main force for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

President Zhang Honghai gave a welcome speech at the ceremony. He  expressed his heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to freshmen who were standing on starting point their dream trip the time they stepped into the gate. He hoped that freshmen should not only inherit the Quyuan’s glory of deliberation and discernment but also put ancient sages’ ideals into practice. Zhang Honghai pointed out that, the university days was like a gas station in one’s life, which was crucial to the success of students. Qufu Normal University was a stage for students to create brilliant future and to realize their value of life. As a saying goes, wide sea the fish to leap about and vast sky the birds to fly. He believed that all students would write brilliant chapters of youth.

Deputy President Wang Jisuo read out the list of teachers who won the provincial or higher honors in the 2017 to 2018, and later, Vice President Xinjie read out the list of students who won the provincial or higher honors in the 2017 to 2018.

Distinguished alumnus representative, Professor Wang Yiguo of Tsinghua University delivered a speech at the ceremony. He advised that students in the university should choose a goal that they could get access to, and they should also make the goal as themselves’ starting point and motivation, and make unremitting efforts to reach it.

The representatives of the teaching staff gave a speech of their realizations of  moral education on Confucius's teaching—being dedicated, practical,faithful and sincere. They also expressed their ardent expectations for freshmen and encouraged them to work hard in Quyuan which boasted unique cultural heritage and humanism spirit.

In the speech session of student representatives, they shared their learning experience and academic achievements with freshmen, which was a kind of encouragement for freshmen to write themselves new stories in Quyuan.

On the ceremony, Professor Zhang Zhimin, Professor Zhang Zhenjiang,Professor Song Lilin, teacher Zhang Jianhua and student Yang Xun went up the stage to recite the Analects, and all the students read in unison. Later, all the freshmen wore the school badge solemnly, and some representatives of them were worn the school badge by the school leaders personally. Passing the school flag was the first presented on the opening ceremony in Quyuan. In the cheers of the crowds, a bright flag flew into the students, passing over the tops of the students and passing around the whole site. As the solemn school flag floated over the head and crossed the fingertips, the sense of belonging and honor had already resided in the hearts of 2018 freshmen.

At the ending of the ceremony, thousands of teachers and students stood up and sang the school sang the Song of the Worthy Son togetherand the opening ceremony of Qufu Normal University in 2018 was successfully concluded.



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