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An evening party held to celebrate four decades of reform and opening-up

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On the evening of 10th November, propaganda department of School Party Committee, Student Affairs Office and Youth League Committee jointly hosted the evening party themed with “celebration for four decades of reform and opening-up and orientation for freshmen”. Ma Shanjun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee attended the party with relative leading officials and freshmen of 2018.

Three parts were presented in the evening party with the aim to celebrate the grand changes of China in the past forty years and to encourage students to move forward and undertake responsibilities. The first part was called “capturing time and dancing in spring breeze”. The song Cheerful mood opened the curtain of the party. Dancers in red skirts performed the Uygur dance "Why the Flowers are so Red” ,lighting the passion of the audience. The solo song The brightest star in the night sky endowed students with the courage to move ahead. The last program in this part  The sunlight illuminates our course  expressed our earnest expectations toward the booming motherland.

The second part was called “hot-blooded youth take their responsibilities in their prime”. The first dance named WuDongxXinFei, with quick and strong rhythms, demonstrated the dancers’ flexible postures, and the difficult movements were repeated, showing the young students’ positive and uplifting spirit. The performers of programs---LiRiZhanFang and ZuiHaoDeWuTai---actively interacted with the audiences, using the music to trigger the confidence and publicity of the students. And the dance named TianEZhiGe was artfully arranged, with the floating clothes and beautiful movements, successfully showing the elegance of the swan. The third part was called “surmount the difficulties and walk side by side to the new journey. The group dance CaiWei accompanying with the recitation, performed with the classical clothing, demonstrating a unique and dignified charm. The recitation---SiShiNianShuHuai--- was performed sonorously and forcefully, which expressed the contemporary young people’s admiration for the past four decades and their new expectation for the future. Programs “Praise the New Age and “Bring Prosperity and Security to the People”  of two totally different musical styles jointly delivered a common best wishes to the new era. The evening party ended with the background music of school song and great applause from the audience.

The sumptuous evening party gave us a feast of visual and hearing. As a tribute to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, the party extended its wishes that may the motherland be more prosperous and strong. At the same time, the party contained the message that the freshmen should cherish the campus life, and they were also encouraged to never stop moving and mind the world. As the freshmen, they should strive to create a wonderful university time and to be the endeavors, pioneers and contributors in promoting the development times.



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