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Enhance “cloud service”, escort employment - Qufu Normal University holds an online mutual selection meeting of employment for normal graduates

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From March 23rd to 27th, Qufu Normal University held an online mutual selection meeting of employment for normal graduates to broaden the online recruitment path and build a convenient job search platform. During this period, a total of 503 online employers participated in the conference, posting 2013 positions and 23,941 job postings. A total of 6,157 resumes were submitted online by applicants and 205 online interviews were conducted.


Special classification and centralized recruitment to improve the accuracy of online job search

This mutual selection meeting has attracted widen attention from the education bureaus of 16 cities in Shandong Province and well-known education and training enterprises. Among them, Shanxian No.1 Middle School, Changle No.1 Middle School, Xiajin No.1 Middle School, Ningjin No.1 Middle School, and Wucheng No.2 Middle School all provided more employment positions, which built a “cloud ladder” for normal students to realize their dreams.

Based on graduates’ job search intentions, the School Employment Guidance Center actively invites employers to actively communicate and determine the time for online interviews. Accurately classify recruitment units, job vacancy, and number of recruitment based on job demand. Combined with the job search intentions of graduates and the needs of employers, special recruitment fairs for education, biochemistry, and graduate students have been organized to convene graduates with relevant job search intentions and job qualifications to participate in special recruitment video interviews. This special classification and centralized recruitment form has improved the recruitment accuracy and timeliness of employers, and opened a green channel for high-quality employment of graduates.

Sun Rutai, a graduate with majors of history, successfully signed a history teacher position in Shanxian No. 1 Middle School through the mutual selection. He said: "During home isolation, I participated in this mutual selection meeting with a try-out attitude. On the day I delivered my resume, I received an interview invitation from Shanxian No. 1 Middle School. After careful preparation, the interview passed successfully and has now been successfully signed . "


Students generally report that the online job fairs organized by the school can better ensure the quality of the employers and the credibility of the recruitment information, saving time and economic costs for graduates to apply for jobs, such as collecting information, contacting the unit, and interviewing remotely. It also avoids recruitment traps such as false recruitment and information fraud.


“5 + 24” work mode to ensure fine and efficient employment services

In order to ensure the efficient implementation of recruitment activities, our university has established three WeChat groups such as the “Mutual Selection Meeting of Qufu Normal University Student Customer Service Group” and “Special Group of Interviewer”. The “5 + 24” working mode was opened. The teachers of the Employment Guidance Center were on duty 24 hours a day for 5 consecutive days, insisting on solving the problems encountered by graduates and employers within 1 minute, ensuring that the questions raised by graduates are “seconds back” and “zero” daily, and doing a good job in the background services and guarantee work of the recruitment fair.

Employers and graduates spoke highly of this online mutual selection meeting, they believe that the online mutual selections held during the epidemic prevention and control period not only saved a lot of human, material, and financial costs, but more importantly, improved recruitment efficiency, and truly achieved non-stop recruitment work and non-closed employment services.

The interviewer of Shanxian No. 1 Middle School said: “This mutual selection meeting of employment is an important measure during epidemic prevention and control. It is organized and scientifically rigorous. The students participating in the special recruitment have a high degree of professional matching, strong comprehensive quality and practical ability, which greatly improves the recruitment efficiency and ensures the input of freshmen of our school.”

Meng Xia, the interviewer of Guohua School in Heze City, said: “On the 24th, Guohua School interviewed 46 students. Currently, 20 students have reached employment intentions.”


Scientific research and judgment + careful guidance to escort employment

Before the online mutual selection meeting of employment was held, our university based on the actual work and established the overall working idea of “building an online ‘cloud ladder’ to help graduates”. Through cooperation with Xinjincheng Company, the basic situation of graduates and job search requirements were thoroughly investigated, and formed “the Survey Report on the Employment Situation of the 2020 Graduates under the Epidemic Conditions”. Scientific research and judgment on the employment situation under the epidemic situation, and an accurate analysis of the employment intentions and subjective and objective factors of unemployed graduates have been done, constructing a big data platform for graduates’ employment work, and provides an important basis for arranging a special and targeted recruitment of mutual selections and for the development of employment guidance and services.

The school has held many preparatory meetings for recruitment fairs and mobilization conferences, and has issued notices such as “Notice on Informing Graduates to Participate in the Mutual Selection Meeting Employment Conference for College Teachers in 2020” and “Qufu Normal University’s 2020 Graduate Online Employment Mutual Selection Conference”, etc., and mobilize full-time counselors and professional teachers to guide graduates who are interested in job search, and help graduates for job interviews.


It is reported that Qufu Normal University will also hold the Rizhao special online mutual selection meeting in early April, and will host the colorful campus online mutual selection meeting held by  Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security from April 20 to 24.


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