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Qufu Normal University launches an emergency response drill for epidemic prevention and control

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In order to implement the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Shandong Province on epidemic prevention and control work, and further prepare for the start of school, on the afternoon of April 14, Qufu Normal University launched an emergency drill on epidemic prevention and control in the spring semester. Xu Sisheng, deputy head of the school's pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus epidemic management team, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Zhang Longhai, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, members of various working groups, liaison officers for epidemic disposal in various departments and units, counselors, teacher representatives and other relevant personnel participated in the emergency response drill.

This exercise is guided by the “Rules for the Verification of the Conditions for the Opening of the Spring Semester of the Shandong Colleges and Universities in the Spring 2020”, and simulates the emergency treatment of “student’s” temperature abnormalities at the entrance of the school’s south gate, classrooms, student dorms and canteens. It covers the initial temperature measurement for teachers and students, guiding people with abnormal body temperature to stay in perspective, re-testing body temperature, reporting information, psychological comfort, forwarding, disinfection, etc., and completely simulates the treatment process of suspected cases and multiple emergency scenes.

In the classroom drill area, students will report to the teacher if they feel unwell. The teacher will contact the liaison officer who will take the student to the temporary observation point. In the dormitory drill area, if the body temperature is abnormal, the student will contact the counselor as soon as possible, and the counselor will report to the liaison to initiate the emergency response procedure. The staff at the temporary observation point inquired about the health of the students with fever, waiting to be sent to the designated hospital for investigation. Working groups such as student management, security, logistics services, and teaching management arrived at the scene. Register all relevant personnel information, guide the evacuation of teachers and students, and dormitory personnel in an orderly manner, set up a security isolation line, maintain order at the scene, and disinfect the classroom, dormitory, and nearby public areas.

In the student restaurant, check the body temperature through the thermometer at the entrance of the restaurant ’s west entrance. People with normal body temperature enter the restaurant and follow the prompts to line up for a meal 2 meters apart. After taking the meal, everyone upholds the principle of single-person single-table one-way dining. It is forbidden to talk to each other while dining, and leave from the south gate of the restaurant after dining. Persons with abnormal body temperature will be sent to the temporary observation point for health inquiries, waiting to be sent to the designated hospital.

The entire drill process was carried out in strict accordance with the procedures prescribed in the plan. The division of labor was clear, the response was rapid, and the order was coordinated. The emergency plan was started as soon as possible. Access control, information arranging, student comfort, disinfection treatment, and isolated medical observation area were organized in an orderly manner. In the next step, the school will study and improve the existing problems according to the suggestions, further improve the plan, improve the emergency response capacity and level of the epidemic, and make full preparations for the start of the school.


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