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Liu Faqi, Alumnus of Qufu Normal University, Awarded Reginald Fessenden Award

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Liu Faqi, alumnus of Qufu Normal University, was awarded Reginald Fessenden Award by Society of Exploration Geophysics this year. So far, only four Chinese geophysicists have won this award. Liu Faqi became the fifth Chinese geophysicist to win the award this year due to his work in seismic prestack migration imaging algorithm. In this study, the generation mechanism of low-frequency noise in the inverse time migration algorithm was systematically analyzed and explained, and a fast and stable algorithm was proposed to successfully separate it from the effective signal. This research was published in geophysics, which was later cited by many researchers and widely used in seismic wave migration imaging and full waveform inversion.

The Reginald Fessenden Award was set up by Society of Exploration Geophysics in 1960, aimed to be awarded to those who have made outstanding contributions in a theoretical or technical field of exploration geophysics. Each year, the SEG Review Committee selects one to three winners from the global geophysicists.

After graduating from the Mathematics Department of Qufu Normal University in 1986, Liu Faqi entered the computing center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to pursue his master's degree in applied mathematics, and worked in this center after graduation in 1989. At the beginning of 1996, he went to Texas university to study for his Ph.D. in geophysics. After graduating from Ph.D. in 1999, he worked in ConocoPhillips and Hess oil company successively, and now he works in the R & D Department of TGS NOPEC oil service company.

Liu Faqi is grateful to his alma mater Qufu Normal University for its good learning atmosphere and teachers' attentive instruction. Four years of undergraduate study in the alma mater made him get systematic and solid training in the student era, which laid a solid mathematical foundation for later work.




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