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Appropriate Measures and Strong Guarantee -- Qufu Normal University Welcomes the Third Batch of Returned Students

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    On May 27, Qufu Normal University welcomed the third batch of returned students. The school leaders Zhang Honghai, Hu Qingxue, Wang Jisuo, Feng Chong, Xu Sisheng, Hu qinxiao and Lu Guoqiang, accompanied by the heads of relevant departments, respectively went to Qufu and Rizhao campuses to see the third batch of returned students, and inspected and guided the work of enrollment and registration.

    "Welcome back! Is it going well on the way? Go back to the dormitory to have a good rest and report peace to the family... " The school leaders came to the students’ apartments, talked with the returned students, inquired about the situation of the students on the way back to school, the study at home and the arrangement of the study and scientific research after returning to school; urged the students to strictly abide by the relevant management regulations of the campus during the epidemic prevention period, enhance their personal safety protection awareness, and encouraged them to work hard to overcome the impact of the epidemic, adapt to the school life as soon as possible, and pay attention to personal hygiene so that the school life will be on the right track as soon as possible.

    At the temperature detection point, check-in office and other places, school leaders checked the steps of temperature measurement, luggage disinfection and identity verification when students returned to school, listened to the introduction of the person in charge of relevant departments, communicated with the staff, and inquired about the specific work in detail.


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Qufu Campus: 57 Jingxuan West Road, Qufu, Shandong

Rizhao Campus: 80 Yantai North Road, Rizhao,Shandong