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QFNU Authorities Visited Institute of Philosophy, CASS to Negotiate Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation

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Recently, Xia Yunjie, vice President and member of the Standing Committee of Qufu Normal University, led a team to the Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS) for investigation and exchange. Wang Lisheng, Party Secretary and deputy Director of The Institute of Philosophy, CASS, and Zhang Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Institute, warmly received Xia and his delegation. The two sides held a discussion and exchange on comprehensively advancing strategic cooperation, and reached the preliminary cooperation intention.

People who attended the meeting are responsible persons of relevant departments, directors of research centers of Institute of Philosophy, CASS, and relevant responsible persons of QFNU's Talent Department, Social Science Department and Party Committee (University) office personnel.

At the meeting, Xia introduced the history, school-running characteristics of QFNU and the new achievements made in discipline construction and scientific research in recent years. He said that CASS represents China's "national team" of philosophical and social science research, and the Institute of Philosophy has accomplished a lot at home and abroad since its establishment. Qufu Normal University is looking forward to in-depth and extensive cooperation in personnel training, scientific research, team building and other fields, pooling the new strength of philosophy research, creating a new model of cooperation between university and institute so as to making positive contributions to the development and prosperity of philosophy and social sciences.

On behalf of the Institute of Philosophy, Wang extended a warm welcome to Xia yunjie and the delegation, and spoke highly of QFNU adhering to its distinctive development of school-running ideas. He mentioned that Qufu Normal University owned distinct characteristics and strong development momentum.

The Institute of Philosophy is willing to work hand in hand with QFNU to advance and seek common development, especially to deepen the cooperation between traditional culture and Confucianism research, which is not only the duty of practicing cultural confidence, but also the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discourse on carrying forward excellent traditional Chinese culture.

Zhang introduced the history, organization structure and recent development of the Institute of Philosophy. Before the symposium, Xia and the delegation were invited to visit the History Museum of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The Institute of Philosophy, CASS is of great importance for academy and research which is mainly conducted on Marxist philosophy, Chinese philosophy, foreign philosophy, logic, moral philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of science and technology, cultural, values and social development issues. It sets 6 academy-level research centers and 9 national-level Societies and research institutes. Furthermore, a number of academic journals with great influence are sponsored, such as Philosophical Research, Philosophical Trends and World Philosophy. The institute houses 2 members of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; 8 honorary members, 80 enjoying Special government allowance of the State Council, 1 national "Outstanding Professional", 12 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, and 27 PhD supervisors.


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