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Gathering Online to Recount Youth: the “Cloud” Graduation Gala of QFNU in 2020 Magnificently Staged

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After months of elaborate planning and preparation, the “Cloud” Graduation Party of QFNU in 2020 was wonderfully staged at 19:00 on July 2nd. The party was hosted by the Committee of the Communist Youth League Qufu Normal University and co-organized by the Committee of the Communist Youth League Music College of QFNU. The theme this time is “waiting for you”, expressing the school's affection for the graduates and warm-hearted welcome for their back. The party was broadcast live on Sina Weibo and other online platforms, providing an opportunity for all teachers and students to meet again. Up to now, a total of more than 200,000 people watched online, 10,000 people commented, and more than 4,000 likes.

The party kicked off with the cordial greetings and best wishes from the principal Zhang Honghai. Various moving melodies expressed the most sincere feelings. The program "Our Years" connected the growth trajectory of the 2020 graduates in the past four years with bit of memories in the university; songs such as "Youth"(Fang Hua), the original one "We, in the Quyuan" and the female chorus "The story of Time", represented the spirit of vitality resounding through the big family. Best wishes, for instance, the deans’ words "Teacher Said" and the poem recitation of "We Have Gone Through Together" by Qufu Campus graduation classes’ counselors showed the teachers’ original aspiration in education. What’s more, The video "Brightest Star in the Night Sky" showed the elegant demeanour of Quyuan alumni and outstanding graduates. "Teacher I Always Think of You" told the deep friendship between teachers and students. "Contented" by the vocal band expressed sincere respect and gratitude to the faculty who silently dedicated to the family. The graduation class counselors in Rizhao Campus sang "Bon voyage" (written and sang by Chinese singer Wu Qilong) with deep feeling to express the most sincere blessing to the graduates.

At the end of the gala, the class of 2020 waved goodbye to their alma mater with the song "Farewell to Quyuan", and the evening ended in a warm and touching atmosphere.

In this special graduation season, a wonderful “cloud” graduation gala demonstrated the school’s humanistic care and ardent expectations for students. It is believed that the graduates will embark on a new journey with the entrustment of their alma mater. The spirit of QFNU ”being insatiable in learning and being tireless in teaching” will spread to all parts of the motherland and contributes the youth power of the folks to the construction of the country in the new era.


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