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QFNU Holds the Annual Forum of "Digital Humanities and Foreign Language Research Innovation Team"

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On June 6, the annual forum of "Digital Humanities and Foreign Language Research Innovation Team" co-sponsored by the School of Foreign Languages of Qufu Normal University and the Digital Humanities Research Center of Qufu Normal University was held online. Party committee member and vice president Xia Yunjie attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The forum was hosted by Professor Qin Hongwu, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages. 300 experts and scholars from hundreds of domestic universities and research institutions participated in this forum.

The "Digital Humanities and Foreign Language Research and Innovation Team" annual forum relies on the successful application of the "Shandong Colleges and Universities Youth Talent Induction Program" construction team: Digital Humanities and Foreign Language Research Innovation Team, focusing on the innovation and exploration of digital humanities research paradigmand exploring the theory, method and realization way of the integration of digital humanities and foreign language disciplines and even new liberal arts.

Vice President Professor Xia Yunjie pointed out in his speech that the combination of digital humanities and foreign language research is a substantial integration of digital technology and humanities research. It is of great significance to promote interdisciplinary integration, strengthen the centripetal force of humanities research, and realize the value of digital humanities. He emphasized that through this forum, everyone gathered together to discuss the new knowledge, exchange ideas, and jointly explore new theories, new methods, and new ways of integrating digital humanities technology into the development of foreign language disciplines. We believe that in the new era, and under the the new requirements, the discipline construction that realizes the deep integration of information technology and foreign language teaching and research will develop better. It is an important opportunity for sharing cutting-edge academic research results and learning advanced experience. It also has an important leading role for collaborative innovation of disciplines.

Professor Qin Hongwu, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, said that at present, digital and online resources have become the main sources of information acquisition. Obtaining sufficient data support is to obtain development opportunities. Digital humanities, connecting digital technology and human life, connecting human intelligence and artificial intelligence, connecting the real world and the virtual world. Humanities research integrates digital technology and expands unlimited exploration space, which has become a consensus in the academic world. How to effectively apply digital technology to the construction and research of new liberal arts and optimize the methods of knowledge acquisition, interpretation and expression is related to the effectiveness of discipline development and new liberal arts construction.

During the expert consultation session of the forum, Professor Kong Lei, the head of the "Digital Humanities and Foreign Language Research Innovation Team" exchanged views with participating experts on the issue of digital humanities team building. The scholars at the meeting agreed that the operating mechanism, team culture, and organizational responsibility are an important guarantee for team building and development.

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