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Qi Wanxue, Secretary of the School Party Committee, Visited the Graduates and Blessed Their Future

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On the afternoon of July 1, Qi Wanxue, secretary of the school’s party committee, went to the student dormitory area of Rizhao campus to visit the returning graduates of the Marxist College, inspect and guide the service guarantee work for graduates, and Hu Qingxue, the deputy secretary of the school party committee, accompanied him to visit graduates. The heads of the Rizhao Campus Management Office, Student Affairs Office, Marxist College and other departments participated in the activities.

"Did the graduation procedures go smoothly?" "The more you must pay attention to your safety at the end, you must take personal protection!" "If you have any questions, please tell the teacher at any time. The teacher will accompany you." ... Seeing students sorting clothes in the dormitory, sending express delivery downstairs, and graduate volunteers on duty in the dormitory park, Qi Wanxue all talked with them cordially, inquiring about the process of graduation in detail, and instructed the students take safety protection during the processing and return journey to ensure that they get home safely. Qi Wanxue said that due to the impact of the COVID-19, the graduation ceremony could not be held this year. It left some regrets for the students, and it was also a special memory. When the epidemic is over, students are always welcome to come back to school to take graduation photos.

"Mr. Qi, I was admitted to Northeast Normal University as a graduate student this year!" said Lei Jie, majoring in ideological and political education. "Mr. Qi, I was exempted and recommended to Beijing Normal University." Wang Zihuan, who is also an ideological and political major, also reported proudly. Qi Wanxue was very pleased to hear that the students achieved such excellent results. It is reported that this year, 111 of the 165 students majoring in ideological and political education of the 2016 Marxist College were admitted to graduate school, and the postgraduate entrance examination rate reached 67.27%. Among them, the excellent Marxist theory talent training class achieved a record high with an admission rate of 84.6% for the postgraduate entrance examination.

During the visit, Qi Wanxue also took a group photo with everyone, and sincerely wished the students all the best in their studies, work and life in the future. The students all expressed that when they entered the school, there was  warm welcome and sincere teachings of "Principal Qi", and the entrusted and affectionate blessings of "Secretary Qi" upon graduation. This special graduation season will not leave any regrets.

During the visit, Qi Wanxue emphasized that the college should uphold the student-oriented philosophy, combine the current requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and do a solid job of the graduates’ work during their return to school, and provide graduates with warm, caring, meticulous and thoughtful services to ensure Graduates leave school in a safe, stable and civilized manner.



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