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Ranking 57th among All the Universities in China-- QFNU is Approved 20 National Social Science Fund Projects

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 Recently, the National Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences officially announced the list of National Social Science Fund Annual Projects and Youth Projects in 2020. Qufu Normal University has won 20 projects, with the approval rate of 22.2%, 7.8 percentage points higher than the national approval rate, and the number of projects has steadily increased. Among them, there are 2 key projects, 11 general projects and 7 youth projects. The total number of projects approved ranks 57th in national colleges and universities, 14th in national normal colleges and universities, and 4th in provincial universities.

 The projects of QFNU in 2020 are distributed in 13 liberal arts units: 3 in the school of history and culture. 2 in the school of communication, the school of management, the school of economics, the college of physical education, and the college of Chinese language and literature, respectively. 1 in the law school, the school of translation studies, the college of international education, the school of Marxism, the college of foreign languages, the school of music and the college of Politics and public administration, respectively.

The National Social Science Fund Project is the highest level and the most competitive project in the field of philosophy and social science research in China, and it is also an important indicator to measure the research level of humanities and social sciences in colleges and universities. QFNU attached great importance to this. In the summer of 2019, QFNU began to cultivate the application topics. In September, the application work was officially launched. The whole process of project application was provided with accurate services, and a number of expert counseling meetings. Experts were organized to conduct face-to-face and one-to-one guidance on the application, covering all humanities and social science units.




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