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Qufu Normal University Holds a Coordination Meeting on the Pedagogical Accreditation

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According to the work arrangement of higher education teaching evaluation center of the Ministry of Education, the pedagogical accreditation expert group will be stationed in QFNU from November 10 to 13 to carry out the second level pedagogical accreditation for physics and biological science majors. On the afternoon of November 4, QFNU held a coordination meeting on the pedagogical accreditation. President Zhang Honghai, Vice President Hu Qinxiao, head of the Organization Department, Guo Qingbing, attended the meeting.

Zhang Honghai stressed at the meeting that it was of great significance to carry out the pedagogical accreditation work, and the relevant units involved in the certification work should improve their understanding, unify command and coordination, and organize the work related to the pedagogical accreditation; should take advantage of the opportunity of the pedagogical accreditation to fully show the achievements of the major construction of physics and biological science in QFNU, further form a positive interaction between professional analysis and talent training plan formulation, and steadily improve the major construction level and talent training quality of QFNU.

Hu Qinxiao put forward specific requirements from six aspects, such as "attaching great importance ideologically, carrying out work in accordance with the work plan, cooperating closely with all units, making full preparation of materials, communicating with experts in a timely manner, and carrying out teaching activities student-centered".

Li Fushan, director of the teaching research and evaluation center, interpreted the accreditation standards, reported the work plan and task division of the pedagogical accreditation, and explained the matters that need attention.

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