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QFNU Natural Science Foundation Project Approval Creates New Achievements with 41.2% Increase

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Recently, the evaluation of the first batch of Natural Science Foundation projects of Shandong Province in 2020 has been completed. 72 projects have been approved, including 2 provincial excellent youth projects, 44 general programs and 26 youth fund projects. The number of projects approved has increased by 41.2% compared with that of the previous year, with a growth rate of over 40% for two consecutive years. The number of provincial excellent youth projects ranked fourth in provincial universities, and the approval rate of general and youth projects reached 47.6%, far higher than the provincial average.

The Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province is an important part of the provincial science and technology planning system. It is mainly used to support the development of basic research, applied basic research and scientific frontier exploration, and realize the leading technology, key common technology, modern engineering technology and disruptive technology innovation. In recent years, QFNU attached great importance to the organization of provincial fund application. QFNU leaders conducted regular research and supervision; the Science and Technology Department provided accurate services throughout the whole process, implemented the pre declaration system, used big data to explore and analyze the project application potential, compiled the expert review opinion album of fund projects over the years, and invited experts from inside and outside QFNU to carry out multiple rounds of demonstration guidance, which has laid a good foundation for further application and development of a higher-level scientific research work.


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