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Qufu Normal University officially releases 2023 school image video Meet.

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Telling the story of Quyuan in the new era, and promoting the "innovation communication, value communication, and full media communication". Recently, Qufu Normal University officially released  2023 school image video Meet.

Meet  adopts a new perspective, focusing on the profound foundation of QFNU's establishment in a holy city, picturesque scenery of the four seasons, the sincere style of education, the solid learning style of music and practice, and the determination to promote culture and literature. It systematically presents the history and foundation, spirit and emotions, struggle and growth of Qufu Normal University in the past 70 years, showcasing the strengthening of Qufu Normal University's characteristics and pursuit of excellence, building a world-renowned high-level Confucius hometown university with a good spiritual outlook.

Meet was produced by the Propaganda Department of QFNU and jointly produced by relevant departments and units. This video combines documentary and freehand brushwork, with a dignified and elegant shooting style that is both elegant and fresh. It is a deep interpretation of the spirit, character, and emotions of Quyuan. As an important carrier for recommending the image of Quyuan, it will be synchronously published on platforms such as QFNU network, official Weibo, WeChat, and the  "Learning Power" account of QFNU.

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