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President Zhang Honghai leads a delegation to visit Australia and New Zealand

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From August 27th to September 2nd, President Zhang Honghai led a delegation to visit Australia and New Zealand, respectively, visiting AEMG Education Group, Sydney University of Technology, and University of Canterbury in New Zealand, achieving fruitful results.

At AEMG Education Group, Zhang Honghai attended the launch ceremony of Qufu Normal University's talent workstation in Oceania. Zhang Honghai pointed out in his speech that the talent workstation stationed in Oceania was one of the important measures for QFNU to implement overseas talent introduction and promote the internationalization of the teaching staff. Next, QFNU will cooperate with AEMG Education Group, relying on overseas talent workstations, to combine overseas talent introduction with high-level overseas visits and teacher development, comprehensively improving the internationalization level of QFNU's teaching staff.

During their visit to Australia, the delegation also visited University of Technology Sydney. The two universities fully discussed their cooperation intentions in areas such as student joint training, teacher exchange, and joint laboratory construction. Both universities agreed to further expand their cooperation areas and enhance the level of cooperation.

Zhang Honghai also cordially met with the first batch of three students from the joint training program between Qufu Normal University and University of Technology Sydney, encouraging them to make full use of the policy of joint training between the two schools, pass the language barrier, life barrier, and adaptation period as soon as possible, and take their studies to a higher level.

In New Zealand, the delegation visited University of Canterbury and signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two universities, reaching a consensus on matters such as student dual degree intercollegiate exchange programs, faculty development, and co-building research platforms. Subsequently, a tripartite video conference was held with the Department of Engineering at University of Canterbury and the School of Mathematical Sciences at Qufu Normal University to further discuss the details of the joint application for Sino foreign cooperative education projects.

During the visit, Zhang Honghai and his delegation also conducted in-depth inspections of teaching and research facilities such as libraries and laboratories in two universities.

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