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A delegation of the University of Western Australia pays a visit to QFNU

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On the afternoon of March 15th, Professor Jennifer Howell, Vice President of the University of Western Australia, Rachel Darovic, Director of the International Department, and Li Xinqing, President of AEMG Education Group, paid a visit to Qufu Normal University. President Zhang Honghai met with the guests and held a symposium.

Zhang Honghai warmly welcomed the guests and introduced the development history, advantageous disciplines, educational characteristics, and international scientific research cooperation of QFNU. Zhang Honghai pointed out that thanks to the cooperation with AEMG, QFNU’s cooperation with universities in Australia and New Zealand was becoming increasingly close. Currently, the credit recognition and joint research projects with the University of Science and Technology of Sydney, as well as the application for Sino foreign cooperative education projects with the University of Canterbury, were being carried out in a close and orderly manner. QFNU also looked forward to efficient and pragmatic cooperation with the University of Western Australia in areas such as credit recognition, teacher-student visits, academic exchanges, and scientific research cooperation.

Vice President Jennifer Howell expressed gratitude to QFNU for its warm reception and appreciated the unique educational characteristics of Qufu Normal University. Jennifer Howell introduced the educational advantages and distinctive majors of the University of Western Australia to the attendees, and expressed great interest in the cooperation with Qufu Normal University.

In the subsequent communication, both parties had a thorough discussion on credit mutual recognition, teacher overseas visits, student long-term and short-term projects, and graduate overseas education, and reached a consensus. They expressed their intention to promote the implementation of the above cooperation intentions as soon as possible. Both parties have also confirmed the details of the next work meeting.

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